JESSE CAPELLI beautiful model

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JESSE CAPELLI beautiful model

Today on Beautiful girls collection JESSE CAPELLI
I was born in Vancouver Canada, when I came out into the world my Mom started laughing and said I looked like a monkey! She said I was a very funny looking baby... I had to grow into my features!!! I had big blue eyes and was bald... yes bald till I was 2. That's why my hair is so long now, I 'm making up for lost time!!
I lived in a quiet little neighborhood with my family. When I was 3 I met a boy for the first time and I was shy didn’t even want to say hi, things sure have changed! He became my first boyfriend... we would show each others pee-pee's in the bathroom!!

When I went to school I had lots of friends but was kind of a tom-boy. I would not wear a dress and would wear baggy clothes. I loved sports, I started dancing when I was 3 then onto swimming when I was 5 then to gymnastics at 7 and continued onto soccer at 10.
In school I played basketball, volleyball and was on the wrestling team! I was a very very active little girl!!! I also had a love for animals, I would always bring stray cats and dogs home and beg my parents to keep them.

At one time I had a rabbit named peoples, a lizard named Bart, fish, 21 to be exact 1cat misty and a dog Rambo. Since then I have had many animals add to that collection. When I was in elementary I started public speaking and loved it, I even got to say a speech with the mayor to open a park.
I started thinking at a young age that I wanted to be in front of the camera. As I got into junior high I started finding my body, I would dress sexy and wasn't afraid to show it.
I loved to flirt make little jokes and act crazy!! I started going on modeling jobs, when I was 14 an agent wanted to send me to Japan and Italy to model but my Mom said no, she wanted to make sure I finished school. Through high school I did a lot of theater classes and got an agent when I was 17. I stated going on casting landing a few jobs here and there.
I went to grad in overalls just to be rebellious. I moved out with my boyfriend at that time, I was 17 and ready to be on my own. I worked as a waitress and a rep for channel. I would go to acting classed at night and try to go to castings as much as I could... the business is very hard. I got my very own dog, a boxer when I was 18 she was my baby, I love her to death!!

I stated doing kickboxing, it was a great workout. I really wanted to come to LA I was drawn to it like a kid to candy!! My relationship with my boyfriend at that time ended and I left for LA seeking a better life. My first job was for Perfect 10 and it opened my eyes to a whole other world a world I would love!!
Since I have lived in LA I have always lived by the water with my 2 pugs and kitty. I am very happy here and plan on staying for a while!! I go to Hawaii every year and would love to own a house there one day. Right now I am going to focus on my career and hope to be successful so I can travel the world and help others.
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